About Us

We are experts in better health and longevity.

Who we are

At GC Biosciences, we harness both traditional and innovative laboratory testing to craft nutritional interventions aimed at boosting health and extending lifespan.

Since our establishment in February 2013, we’ve been dedicated to meeting the needs of clients and patients seeking to reduce disease risk, shed excess weight, or enhance performance.

Our Founders

Rob Corney and Calum Gore lead a dedicated team of professionals including doctors, nutritionists, and personal trainers.

Together, we collaborate closely to create tailored and evidence-based recommendations for each client, addressing their unique program requirements comprehensively. Our ultimate aim is to empower our clients to live longer, healthier lives through the personalized programs we develop.

We’re committed to delivering excellence in health and wellness at GC Biosciences, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Calum D. Gore BSc, MSc, PhD
Postgraduate Researcher 

During his time as a highly qualified and sought-after personal trainer and nutritionist, Calum Gore first envisioned a company that could use valuable laboratory results to benefit clients.

Having qualified as a health scientist, Calum began working with clients in London and formed the company in 2013. In addition to his multiple degrees, Calum is also a PhD postgraduate researcher at the University of Leicester, studying cardiovascular genetics, specifically telomere length, and its effects on vascular smooth cells.

It is Calum‘s passion to help men reduce their risk of coronary artery disease. A big part of Calum‘s mission is to help all populations understand their metabolisms, so they can lose weight and maintain it. 

Dr Robert Corney BSc, MSc,
M.Phil, PhD 

As GC Biosciences began, Rob brought his knowledge of nutrition, human health, and public health to the team. In addition to developing new testing programmes, existing testing programmes were improved, and clients were provided with more involved analysis and recommendations.

In addition to publishing in prestigious academic journals and presenting his research internationally, Rob is an enthusiastic researcher. Because Rob’s research background was in obesity, it’s understandable that he enjoys helping clients lose weight and maintain that weight loss.

This is achieved in part by helping clients understand the behaviours that lead to their obesity diagnosis.

Our Approach

Our approach is grounded in providing individualised, evidence-based nutrition recommendations tailored to each person’s biological samples.

Over the past decade, we’ve proudly served executives from esteemed firms like Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank, as well as members of the Saudi Arabian and Bahraini royal families.

We’ve also collaborated with personal trainers, nutritionists, and doctors to support their clients’ health journeys.

GC Biosciences are dedicated to helping men reduce the risk of Coronary Artery Disease by up to 44% through our 12-week Healthy Heart Program.

GC Biosciences