What makes GC Bioscience...

GC Biosciences has been helping people for over 10 years and has more than 30 years of combined experience and expertise within the staff they employ. In a nutshell GC Biosciences uses traditional and novel laboratory tests that allow us our expertise to offer unparalleled health programmes. Historically we have worked with the health and fitness industry offering personal trainers access to tests and support for their clients. We also manage a range of clinics for personal clients specialising in IBS, Cardiac Prevention, Obesity and Diabetes. GC Biosciences was the first company to offer health memberships on an annual scale that help prevent disease and optimise health.

In an industry with conflicting health and nutrition advice our programmes will help take the guesswork out of any plan you could have and replaces it with data from your own biochemistry and imaging testing ensuring highly accurate programmes that yield sustainable results and offered longevity. Whether you’re a personal trainer with clients, a corporate entity or a person looking to get great results you can achieve optimal health to prevent disease. GC Biosciences focuses on programmes that are based entirely for you.

At GC Biosciences we don’t just test for the sake of testing. We make sure you are doing the correct test based on your symptoms, family history and/or prevention of certain diseases. Many companies all to often sell tests to people which offer relatively little due to the test being done out of context.

We’ve helped celebrities, athletes, members of Royal Families across the world, entities such as Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs and continue to do so.


Every test that GC Biosciences uses to advise clients on their biochemistry is from providers of fully accredited laboratories such Sonic Healthcare, Genova and Cyrex. These companies use the latest technologies in conventional testing.


GC Biosciences have formed a panel of experts combining medical doctors, scientists, health consultants, nutritionists, phlebotomists, lab technicians and a customer service team. This team ensures a fully comprehensive service providing the most accurate interpretation of results, and recommendations possible.

More than just Lab testing

GC Biosciences adapts the diet to the client based on their biochemistry and goals. It does not adapt the person to fit a generic diet. Using the very latest laboratory techniques and expert analysis reaching goals that may have seemed unobtainable in the past is made possible through our services.

Mission Statement

‘GC Biosciences Ltd aims to shed light and offer new pioneering services in an industry full of conflicting viewpoints and outdated recommendations. Providing this service exclusively to health conscious and hard working professionals enables national economies to benefit from a more productive workforce with the individuals profiting from robust health. The company aims in years to come to continue to provide pioneering services by employing staff that benefit from a comfortable work environment and detailed job roles.’


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