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Fish Oils Why Poliquin Used Them and Why We Do To

60 Seconds read FISH OIL the late Charles Poliquin was a big advocate of fish oil supplementation mainly due to the omega 3 fatty acids. When Charles Poliquin achieved commercial international success there were polarising argument for and against the reasoning of the use of high dose fish oil. Some of our employees and directors […]Continue reading

Fake, Fact, Context – Journalism Affects Health News

Fake, Fact or Out of Context Tabloids and News Outlets Over exaggerate Again Over Cancer Cure Claim. Fake, fact or out of context yesterday news outlets including the BBC, The Sun and The Independent reported the latest breakthrough in a potential cancer treatment in the scientific Journal Nature Immunology and conducted by researchers from Cardiff University (Crowther […]Continue reading

Persistent Obesity and the Health Consequences

Featured Article – Persistent Obesity and the Health Consequences We are all made aware that being overweight is bad for us, but what exactly do they mean by ‘bad?’ Here we will look at what the ramifications for chronic obesity actually are. It’s the time of year where we tend to switch off from our diets […]Continue reading

Gut Bacteria and Obesity is There a Link

Gut Bacteria and Obesity, digestion and the microbiome – Feature Article  Gut Bacteria and Obesity is there a link? To answer this question we need to look at the microbiome and the science behind it. The UK is becoming more and more overweight. As of late 2017, 29% of the adult population were classified as […]Continue reading

Low Testosterone can be Caused by Overtraining

Exploring New and Old Health News Today – Low Testosterone and Overtraining Introduction Low testosterone can caused by overtraining and decreases male sperm count. All too often the consultants from this company are approached by male personal trainers and bodybuilders that our in their right our athletes. We’re told the that they feel like their […]Continue reading

Protein Intake Research Suggests More for Bodybuilders

Exploring New and Old Health News Today – Protein Intake for healthy individuals taking part in strength training Introduction  A new research article suggest more protein is needed for bodybuilders on rest days. Current recommendations for protein intake from the Institute of Medicine (2005) states ‘no additional protein is suggested for healthy adults undertaking resistance […]Continue reading

Plaque Build-Up and How You Can Reverse It

Exploring New and Old Health News Today – Alternative Day Fasting and Longevity Introduction Plaque build-up known as atherosclerosis is one of the main causes of cardiovascular diseases which is the largest disease, killing the most amount of people in the world. Atherosclerosis happens to everyone on the planet starting at a young age. The […]Continue reading

Confused About Calories? Let’s be Clear Once & For All

Confused about Calories? If it fits your macros, all calories are created equal and protein vs. carbohydrate diets it’s no wonder people are confused about calories! This article sets out to help explain the difference in calories in the different macronutrients. Otterburn (1994) shown the caloric availability IN HUMANS of fats from coconut and corn oils to […]Continue reading

Longevity May Improve by Using Alternative Day Fasting

Exploring New and Old Health News Today – Alternative Day Fasting and Longevity   What do we know about restricting calories and intermittent fasting diets Restricting calories and intermittent fasting diets are commonly known to improve and extend lives as well as health span in model organisms. Calorie restriction in humans in the subject area […]Continue reading

Anti-Ageing Which Supplements are Cardioprotective

Exploring New and Old Health News Today – Anti-Ageing and Nutraceuticals for Atherosclerosis If we want to enjoy the benefits of any Anti-Ageing regime whether they be medications such as metformin, a diet that involves fasting to induce autophagy (the clean-up of dysfunctional components and cells), exercise, supplements such as Spermidine (see yesterday’s News Flash) […]Continue reading

Anti-Ageing? Should we Look at Disease First?

Exploring New and Old Health News Today – Anti-Ageing Introduction  Many companies are investing in anti-Ageing medications, many cosmetic companies invest in anti-Ageing products. The problem with all this anti-Ageing medication and cosmetics that address ageing by looking at slowing it down is that most of these medications and products is they don’t look at […]Continue reading

Anti-Ageing Reversing the Effects of Alcohol on the Body

Exploring New and Old Health News Today – Anti-Ageing Reversing the Effects of Alcohol on the Body Introduction The UK doesn’t just drink alcohol at Christmas time but it drinks year round. The World Health Organisation (2019) states Alcohol consumption contributes to 3 million deaths each year globally as well as to the disabilities and […]Continue reading

Non-Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity does it Exist?

Non-Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity What Research is There? Watch the Video and Read the Highlights Below and you’ll know.  Exploring New and Old Health News Today – Alternative Day Fasting and Longevity Introduction Non-Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity commonly known as gluten Sensitivity is a condition where one reacts to gluten causing an array of symptoms. This video […]Continue reading

Your Microbiome and Weight – The Connection

Exploring New and Old Health News Today – Your Microbiome and Weight – The Connection Introduction Many nutritionists and personal trainers as well as other health care practitioners will argue that a calorie is a calorie and it doesn’t matter where we get them calories from so long as you do exceed what you expend. […]Continue reading

Forming Habits in Exercise is Easier in the morning

Forming habits in exercise is easier in the morning due to cortisol being higher in the upon rising     Exploring New and Old Health News Today – Forming Daily Habits Introduction   Everyone knows that they should be eating healthy, exercising, getting plenty of sleep and getting regular health checks, however the reality is people […]Continue reading

Acid Reflux Responds Better to Diet than PPI Drugs

Acid Reflux Can be Controlled Better with Diet than Prescription Drugs Exploring New and Old Health News Today – Acid Reflux, Diet and Prescription Drugs Introduction Acid reflux medically known as Gastrointestinal reflux disease (GERD) can be described as too much acid concentrated in the stomach and lower oesophagus (part of the throat connected to […]Continue reading

Exercise Performance Could Taking A Pill Improve Yours

Exploring Health New and Old Health News Today – Exercise Pills Could Improve Performance Introduction  Exercise Performance Drugs are controversial and are if professional athletes are banned from taking not just certain anabolic drugs but some medications used to treat disease and illness. Could exercise performance drugs be used to aid in improving fitness without […]Continue reading

Coffee Drinkers May Live Longer

Exploring New and Old Health News Today – Coffee Drinkers Reduce Inflammation which May Lead to Longevity Introduction  Coffee! One minute the news is telling you too much is BAD the next minute the news is telling you more coffee the better. Well drinking coffee consuming one if its molecules caffeine can be a double […]Continue reading

Fasted Cardio before or after breakfast for fat burning?

Exploring New and Old Health News Today – Fasted Cardio Introduction Fasted cardio is a debate amongst health practitioners that can ignite vigorous debate which can turn into gigantic arguments with abuse being hurled around. A consensus exists that if you do you cardio workouts before the morning you’ll burn more fat. On the flip […]Continue reading

The Best Diet for the Brain What is it?

Exploring New and Old Health News Today – The Best Diet for the Brain? Introduction The Best diet for the brain might also be the one most commonly prescribed for a healthy heart according to to recent research. The Mediterranean diet that is rich in beans, seeds, nuts, legumes, leafy greens, fresh vegetables and fruit, […]Continue reading

Vitamin D Levels and the Incidence of Cancer

Exploring Heath News New and Old Today = Vitamin D Blood Levels and the Incidence of Cancer Introduction  Vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin which, we can get from our food but mostly we get it from our food. It is responsible for helping absorb important nutrients such as calcium, magnesium and phosphate […]Continue reading

Common Cold Zinc Reduces Cold Duration and Severity

Exploring New and Old Health News Today – The Common Cold and Zinc Introduction  The common cold (rhinovirus) is one of the most widespread infections and let’s face it, quite annoying. A mineral the body requires for many enzyme functions in the body has shown to decrease the severity and duration of the common cold. […]Continue reading

Burn More Fat in Exercise?

Exploring New and Old Health News Today – Burn More Fat in Exercise Introduction  Burn more fat in exercise by ingesting some synephrine. When exercising intensely the body mainly relies on glycogen storage: fat for fuel is used only when exercising at a low intensity. Dietary products promoting weight loss commonly contain synephrine as one […]Continue reading

Omega 3 Heals the Heart Post Heart Attack

Exploring New and Old Health News Today – Omega 3 Fatty Acids Help Remodel the Heart Post Heart attack GC Biosciences Updated 24th October 2019 Omega 3 fatty acids help remodel the heart decreasing the chances of heart failure and death. After an heart attack people are concerned about their health and longevity and rightly […]Continue reading

Zinc carnosine, the gut healing supplement

Exploring New and Old Health News Today – Zinc Carnosine Helps Heal the Gut Introduction  Zinc is an essential mineral that is needed to support our immune system to maintain an optimal function, it is commonly found in our diet from some food sources such as oysters, meat, legumes, nuts and whole grains. It is […]Continue reading

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Can Natural Remedies Work?

Exploring New and Old Health News Today – Irritable Bowel Syndrome what else can help? Introduction  Many suffer with Irritable Bowel syndrome which is described as a “widespread condition involving recurrent abdominal pain and diarrhoea or constipation, often associated with stress, depression, anxiety, or previous intestinal infection”. The UK has an estimation of 17% prevalence […]Continue reading

Healthy Hearts Eat Foods High in Fats?

Exploring New and Old Health News Today – Healthy Heart High Fat! Introduction Oily fish such as mackerel and salmon have high long-chain omega 3 fatty acids, which have been reported as keeping the heart healthy. Having low triglycerides and increased High Density Lipoprotein (the so called “good cholesterol”) is of importance in your lipid […]Continue reading

Obesity Linked to 8 More Cancers

Exploring New and Old Health News Today – Obesity Linked to 8 More Cancers Introduction It was reported that in 2014, six hundred and forty million adults were obese, which is 39% of the worlds population (WHO) and this number is still rising. Obesity can be explained by genetic, physiological, metabolic, behavioral and psychological, although […]Continue reading

Sleep Deprivation Increases Appetite

Exploring New and Old Health News Today – Sleep Deprivation Increases Appetite Introduction  Sleep is needed for many reasons and sleep deprivation increases appetite. Increase appetite will lead to consuming more food and in turn increase body mass. The Science Taheri et, al,. (2004) reported a lack of sleep has shown to affect food intake and […]Continue reading

Vitamin D3 Advice Updated for the UK

Exploring New and Old Health News Today – Vitamin D3 Advice Updated for the UK Introduction Vitamin D3 well known function is helping the body absorb calcium. It does this by switching (expressing) a gene in cells in the digestive tract to create a protein called calcium binding protein (CPB). This protein essentially absorbs the […]Continue reading

How Food Sensitivity Testing Helps Weight Loss

How Food Sensitivity Testing Can Help You Lose Weight – Client Testimonial Food sensitivity testing, or allergy or intolerance testing is usually used by many healthcare practitioners to help a client with digestive issues. However, it can really aid in weight loss. When you complete a food sensitivity test you become much more aware of […]Continue reading

Gluten Free Coeliac Patient Still Had Problems

Meet Charles Lawrence Brown, a client of Paul Burges, who has coeliac disease and despite being gluten free was still expressing problems. Charles talks about his experiences with GC Biosciences specifically the food sensitivity test along with some blood chemistry to monitor his health, vitamin, and mineral status. As you can see Charles is very […]Continue reading

What You Get in the Food Sensitivity Test

At GC Biosciences we believe that the food sensitivity test we use with our clients is, so far, the strongest researched food sensitivity test out there. This particular methodology has shown in two separate studies to be useful in helping people who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome and irritable bowel disease. That is why we […]Continue reading

To Gluten or Not to Gluten Part Two

A different take on gluten containing foods and health – Why we need Gluten! Beyond the effects of gluten on personal health, there is more to consider. We live in a world, which is already overpopulated and by the year 2050 the world faces two billion more humans to feed. Agriculture was the cause of the […]Continue reading

To Gluten or Not to Gluten Part One

The many different reactions to gluten  A significant amount of attention has been given to Gluten by the health, fitness, and nutrition industries. Some professionals from these industries state wheat can be eaten if celiac disease (CD) is not present, and others suggest Gluten must be avoided even if one does not have CD. When reviewing […]Continue reading

Common Reactions Found in Food Sensitivity Tests

Common Reactions Found in Food Sensitivity Tests – Avoid These Foods Could be Beneficial  Introduction A typical western diet is characterised by the consumption of dairy products, refined grains, white goods (cereals, pasta, potatoes) and high sugary drinks. Food sensitivities often occur because the same foods are eaten every day for a prolonged period, this is […]Continue reading

How Food Sensitivity Testing Helped Fiona

Testimonial from Fiona Dobbs who has used GC Biosciences IgG4 food sensitivity testing Meet Fiona Dobbs, who has been working with Paul Burgess one of our most established affiliates. This is what Fiona had to say about her experience using the food sensitivity testing GC Biosciences offer; ‘I cannot say how pleased I am and […]Continue reading

Irritable Bowel Syndrome Testing May Help

Irritable Bowel Syndrome can the right test help manage IBS symptoms? Introduction  Irritable Bowell Syndrome (IBS) is a significant healthcare burden, irrespective of setting or geography, affecting around 11% of the population globally. Patients with IBS experience abdominal pain and altered bowel habits, with predominantly diarrhoea (IBS-D), constipation (IBS-C), or both (IBS-M). The Science Food […]Continue reading