Common Reactions Found in Food Sensitivity Tests


Common Reactions Found in Food Sensitivity Tests – Avoid These Foods Could be Beneficial 


A typical western diet is characterised by the consumption of dairy products, refined grains, white goods (cereals, pasta, potatoes) and high sugary drinks. Food sensitivities often occur because the same foods are eaten every day for a prolonged period, this is certainly the case in the IgG4 food testing.

GC Biosciences have conducted a vast amount of food sensitivity tests in the seven years we have been operational. From that internal sampling, we compiled some tests and found the top four food sensitivities. The four most common foods that come up as reactive are shown below;




The most frequent reaction from these foods was eggs, from industry data, there were 12.2 billion eggs consumed in 2015 (190 eggs per year, per person in the United Kingdom). In a previous blog “Solving Irritable Bowel Syndrome” it was shown that for patients suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) removing foods that have been found reactive in IgG4 testing decreased symptoms associated with IBS by over 90%.

If you suffer from IBS, perhaps removing these common foods found to be reactive could ease your symptoms. For a more comprehensive elimination diet, you should consider doing a full food sensitivity test. GC Biosciences do take a small amount of private clients per year, please contact us.

If you are a personal trainer, and you have clients that suffer from poor digestion, you can help by offering them one of our food sensitivity tests, or by giving them the complete top ten foods to avoid. You can gain access to the top ten food reactions list by becoming an affiliate today, for more information please visit our professional page here.

If you want to find out more about hyper allergenic foods click here.

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