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Exercise Performance Drugs are controversial and are if professional athletes are banned from taking not just certain anabolic drugs but some medications used to treat disease and illness. Could exercise performance drugs be used to aid in improving fitness without the hard work of fitness?

Do you feel out of breath when running for the bus? The average person can run for between 15-30 minutes before they are exhausted. Well, in the future exercise may be as easy as popping a pill as research reports a chemical form of stamina can be ingested to improve endurance running.

The Science 

The drug is called GW1516 and was created in the 1990’s for treating metabolic and cardiovascular disease. The research investigated its ability to improve physical performance in mice. Long distance athletes are marveled for their ability to perform exercise for long periods of time before exhaustion. This ability comes through training intensely to shift the muscles function to burn more fat, limiting glucose metabolism. GW1516 does a similar function in mice, whereby it will affect 975 genes, up-regulating genes that increase fat metabolism and decreasing genes that affect glucose metabolism. During a study, sedentary mice were given GW1516 for 8 weeks and then were able to outperform mice on a placebo by 110 min of treadmill running.


By reprogramming the genetics, fitness can increase without the hard work. However, this drug has not been researched in human studies and side effects may exist. This is deemed a performance enhancing drug so will not be able to be used in athletes, although the use in the elderly, unfit or people looking to lose weight could show potential. Currently this is only available on the black market as Endurobol and the manufacture of the drug is limited to Russia. Watch this space …. if ethics allow human research investigations.

Don’t use this drug until it’s cleared through the Medical Health Regulatory Authority (MHRA) and you are prescribed it by a medical professional. Check out Ronald Evans for more information on this drug and more.


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