Longevity May Improve by Using Alternative Day Fasting


Exploring New and Old Health News Today – Alternative Day Fasting and Longevity


What do we know about restricting calories and intermittent fasting diets

Restricting calories and intermittent fasting diets are commonly known to improve and extend lives as well as health span in model organisms. Calorie restriction in humans in the subject area “longevity” have fewer studies and are not as controlled as the model organisms studies.

What do we know now?

However, one study conducted by Slaven Stekovic et al, (2019) titled ‘Alternate Day Fasting Improves Physiological and Molecular Markers of Aging in Healthy Non-obese Humans’ shown that non obese adults using alternative day fasting decreased body weight by 4.5% and improves the fat to lean ratio.

Caloric restriction also resulted in reduced levels of sICAM-1 which is an age-associated inflammatory marker. Low density lipoprotein and triiodothyronine commonly known as T3 an important metabolic regulator also improved. This article shows that alternative day fasting could become a clinically intervention.

Is it safe?

Indeed, this was the case in a follow up article Leonie K. Heilbronn et al, (2019) continued to show improved markers for up to 6 months in the non-obese patients that were the participants in Stekovic et al. (2019) article. Alternative day fasting gets approval for being safe to use in humans.

It’s important to ensure, before we embark on any anti-ageing campaign that your diet is in line with what your trying to do. This way you have a better chance of looking younger and preventing disease’s like obesity and cardiovascular disease helping you live to a long ripe age.

Make sure you contact you contact your physician before starting a new diet. Or contact us here and we can go through your diet with you.


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