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Fitchecks is a platform for Fitness Professionals and Nutritionists where they can order blood tests for their clients. Blood testing allows the practitioner to better determine health and performance status allowing for more precise recommendations.


Practitioners will enjoy:

– Use of advanced laboratory testing

– Additional medical, lifestyle and dietary recommendations based on testing

– Consultant support for every test ordered

Some of the testing we offer Fitness Professionals and Nutritionists


General health Testing

The general health testing looks at health markers such as lipids, blood glucose, liver enzymes, thyroids hormones, kidney health and HbA1c as well as male and female hormones. Additional testing can be added if requested by the practitioner. Each test can be ordered online or though your account manager. Bespoke testing is also available and all with full support and advice.

– A full report and breakdown of the results

– Recommendations on health, lifestyle and nutrition that are directly related to the results

– A phone consultation with your point of contact


Hormonal Health

If you have male clients that are struggling with energy and/or putting muscle mass on, then this test will reveal the hormonal picture that may be limiting the client’s potential. Female clients that are also struggling with energy, the menopause or symptoms related to progression for health goals this test is invaluable to achieving results. This test comes with the following:

– A full report and breakdown of the results

– Recommendations on any medicine that may be needed as well as nutritional and lifestyle suggestions that will improve hormonal health

– A phone consultation with an endocrinologist if needed (extra cost)


Cardiac Care

Cardiovascular disease markers (lipids and poor blood glucose control) are apparent before the disease is ever diagnosed. Nearly 50% of heart attacks arise from vulnerable plaques. This testing panel in conjunction with a client/patient history looks at cardiac health, allowing preventative measure to be actioned such as a better lifestyle and diet. This test comes with the following:

– A full report and breakdown of the results

– Recommendations on any medicine and imaging testing that may be needed as well as nutritional and lifestyle suggestions to decrease the risk of CVD

– A phone consultation with cardiologist if needed (extra cost)

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Straightforward simple testing process:

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Along with the blood testing, as a FITCHECK Practitioner you will gain FREE access to the following features:

• Macronutrient Calculator – use this tool to simply create bespoke client nutritional programmes

• Body Fat (bf) Calculator – designed for fast and accurate client bf tracking and client compliance

• FITCHECK Research Zone – access to 100’s of eBooks and research articles

• 24-h access to exclusive educational talks, expert support from the GC Bioscience Team and special guests


“Working with GC Bioscience is the most sensible move I’ve made towards my health goals”

Simon Herbert

“Testing with GC has taken all the guess work out of my dieting, I would highly recommend GC Bioscience to anyone ready to take it to the next level.”

Alex Quinn

Franchesca Shearer Client Journey

GC Bioscience have hugely changed my life. The team have achieved things I didn’t think were possible”

Franchesca Shearer 


Frequently Asked Questions

Please see the attached document the specific tests, but recommendations on supplements and diet are a part of each test, so the exact what is included in the test is:

  • Test kit
  • Test results
  • Nutritional recommendations
  • Supplement recommendations
  • 1 month of email and text support with the PT

At home where a test kit is sent to the client/PT and the test is completed by the client/PT and then sent to the Lab with the inclusive return labels

The test results come with specific recommendations for your clients supplement and nutritional programmes.

By trained health professionals which include:

  • Doctors
  • Biomedical scientists
  • Health scientists
  • Nutritionists

Before the results are released to the client/PT they are assessed thoroughly if any further action is needed that is outside of the remit of a PT GC Biosciences recommends the next course of action

  • The FITCHECK Programme is based around the certain Blood Tests depending on what type of fitness professional you are. Each test enables fitness professionals to identify problems they would not be able to identify without testing and then troubleshoot them problems.
  • The science behind testing foods that illicit a response from the immune system is ever growing. The test we use helps identify foods that result in an immune reaction over a prolonged period. The report will identify and remove any offending foods which can be part of a challenge test after 60 days. The diet from the test can help alleviate the following symptoms: Bloating, Gastric Discomfort, IBS Type Symptoms and Allergies.
  • The CBC is designed to highlight any hormonal, health or nutritional issues and will be used to help create an optimal nutrition and supplement plan to help achieve the following: Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Improved Sex Drive, and Improved Cognitive Function.
  • This simple yet effective service has been designed for Personal Trainers to help with the following: Increased client retention through improved service and demonstrable results, Scientific Backed nutrition plans offering the best results possible, Automated results for fastest and effective turnaround times and more convenient and cost effective alternative to the current


  • Fully Automated to enable the fastest and most efficient turnaround possible
    • Clearly presented and fully explained results with specific actionable instructions
    • Automatically sync with clients nutrition plans to produce scientifically backed nutritional planning

Client Benefits

  • Tracking of Tangible Health Markers demonstrating client progress
    • Strategic Integration of Results into clients plans offering
    • Ongoing measurement of health markers offering a simple client accountability checker


  • The cheapest yet most comprehensive testing available
    • Low cost monthly subscription available for ongoing testing in order to track client progress
    • Ability to incorporate the testing cost into clients overall package


  • Testing kits sent directly to the client for at home testing
    • Results delivered directly to your inbox for immediate application to your clients programmes