How Food Sensitivity Testing Helps Weight Loss


How Food Sensitivity Testing Can Help You Lose Weight – Client Testimonial

Food sensitivity testing, or allergy or intolerance testing is usually used by many healthcare practitioners to help a client with digestive issues. However, it can really aid in weight loss. When you complete a food sensitivity test you become much more aware of the foods you eat as you are restricting the foods that you have been eating. Removing these foods that are normally calorie dense and becoming aware of what you actually eat is a benefit of food sensitivity testing. Some healthcare practitioners have stated that doing food sensitivity testing results in restricting peoples diets and the that there is no science to support such tests. These concerns are valid and should not go unanswered. These tests do restrict foods that come back as reactive but also introduce foods previously not eaten to a persons diet: it’s actually far more inclusive than restrictive. As to the science behind food sensitivity testing, there are many different testing methodologies out there and you must make sure that the test you do is the right one and that you need it. All the tests GC Biosciences do are performed in CQC laboratories and are CE certified and you cannot get these accreditations without submitting adequate research.

Meet Siobhan, one of the many clients who have used the food sensitivity test not for IBS but to help achieve her weight loss goals.

Siobhan Lawrence Browne got some fantastic results after performing the testing and the nutritional support through Paul Burgess. Siobhan was struggling to lose weight after working very hard to exercise and eat right, although found that nothing was working to change her measurements or weight. Like many people, her main red flags were dairy and eggs and after cutting these out she has found that she is losing weight and feeling much better energy wise. Siobhan says in the video that it is not since her 20’s that she has lost weight though her diet and she doesn’t need to do a calorie cutting and actually finds that she is eating more now!

If you would like results like Siobhan, and you are a member of the public please visit the contact us page once you contact us, we can tell you more about the food sensitivity testing. If you are a personal trainer or nutritionist and would like to use GC Biosciences test range to help your clients please click the button below.


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