Welcome to the IBS Clinic

Hope and Expert Help for those suffering with IBS related conditions

You’re here because you have IBS. If your GP has not been able to help, there still is hope for you.

At GC Biosciences, we offer all IBS patients:

• A thorough consultation with a qualified IBS consultant to pinpoint the exact test you need

• Detailed report & analysis with recommendations

• Ongoing support along your journey until your IBS condition is resolved.

3 Simple Steps

1. Pinpoint Testing

We’ll match the right IBS tests for your symptoms

1. After you have taken the first step in contacting us one of our experts will call you and talk through your symptoms taking a history as to pinpoint the exact test you need.

2. The test can be either blood, stool or urine it all depends on what your symptoms are and what previous tests you have done. Once the sample has been collected the results will be ready within 2-3 weeks.

2. In Depth Results

Detailed analysis and reporting from our experts

1. Once the consultants have received your results a special report will be created by your consultant and any other necessary experts.

2. Your results will be sent to you and a phone call or physical visit will be booked so the consultant can go through your results with you.

3. In this consultation exact recommendations will be given to you which have been determined from your test results and symptoms.

4. These recommendations will include your diet, supplements, medications and lifestyle changes

3. Ongoing Support

Support for every step of your journey to recovery

1. GC Biosciences will not leave you to go through this journey on your own. You will have access to one of our consultants while you make the changes that are needed.

2. Speak to your consultant at least once a month until your IBS symptoms are resolved.

3. You can also request additional time with your consultant if you encounter a problem.

4. The consultant’s initial call, the test, the results, the recommendations, the post-test consultation and the ongoing support is part of a package where you only pay once.

We understand your frustration

IBS and IBD patients become rightfully frustrated through years of suffering for many reasons such as: your GP or specialist diagnose you with IBS and may give you some medications that don’t offer no relief. You may then exhaust every possible avenue within the NHS, alternative tests, different consultants, different diets and you try supplements and years later you still have IBS.

At GC Biosciences we believe what makes good consultant in our IBS clinic is listening to our patients. Taking a detailed history but to also be mindful to your suffering that you’ve endured for years. This is crucial in enabling us to decide what course of action is best for you. From this our consultants will be able to make sure you do the right test to find the problem areas and creating a plan to finally offer you relief. Without wasting more money on further tests, doctors, nutritionists and supplements.

When you take your journey with us our consultants are readily accessible to you, no more waiting weeks for a consultant appointment to ask some simple questions such as: what to do when you have a holiday and you’re unsure what to do because you’re on a new diet. Our consultants can guide you through all types of situations.


GC Biosciences would never claim to be the best at resolving IBS or other digestive disorders, we let our clients speak for us. Click on the name to learn about each person’s story.


Anonymous Journey

GC Biosciences has a varied client list and some of our clients prefer to remain anonymous and we respect that right.

“I am on a journey with Calum (Gore) who a friend recommended I should contact when I was diagnosed with IBS.  Although we are not at the end of the tunnel yet, I feel so much better and we have dealt with so many issues.  Calum has coaxed me through difficult times with different supplements, diets and explanations with such care and consistent encouragement and positivity.  We have come such a long way and week by week we have addressed different issues and the change in my well-being and confidence is huge.

I have been grateful to his always being on the end of the telephone for me and he visited me at home one time when it was difficult for me to get to see him.  I particularly appreciate that Calum is somebody who really does want to help me and cares about the problems I am having.   Sometimes my symptoms maybe small, but feel huge to me, and Calum is never belittling of my worries and gives so much thought and time to making strides forward avoiding troublesome side effects for me to cope with.

I also thank Calum for explaining his findings in a format that I can understand.  Thank you Calum and I am sure it will be as much as a relief for you as it will be for me when we reach our goal….  Importantly and empathetically you have been very generous both with your time and financially.”


Luke Dalmedo’s Journey

I was recommended to Calum by a very knowledgeable friend as I had been suffering from very bad IBS and GERD (reflux) symptoms for some time and it was really starting to take a strong hold on my life, it ruined my lads group trip to Vegas and was also effecting my start at university in the hope to become a PE teacher.

When I first spoke to Calum, he explained my problems in more detail and recommended I get the food sensitivity test and also advised I get a couple of different supplements to start me off, all the advice which he didn’t charge for.

I eventually got the test done and the results were very shocking in regard to the foods I can’t eat which I ate most days (black pepper, potatoes, oats etc). So, I went on the first diet and supplement plan. Which were both altered at different phases of the plan.

My reflux was already getting much better within the first month of using the HCI supplement and after 2/3-month mark, I started noticing serious positive changes with my gut (first normal stool in a long time, no pain in my stomach which was 24/7). Before taking this on, I was so sure I was doomed and IBS/GERD was something I would have to live with, but I was so happily proven wrong.

What I was specifically impressed with Calum was his approachability in that he offered to speak on the phone or meet up in person to discuss what we are going to do next or to talk about a problem I had etc. Baring in my mind I was only ever charged once for the food test during my whole time working with Calum

Also, his confidence helped me in regard to the psychological aspect, after having a ruined Vegas trip, my brother had offered to take me again which I didn’t want to accept as I didn’t want to waste his money if I wasn’t well enough. Calum assured me that by that time I would definitely be better. This turned out to be true and I ended up having the best time, drinking until the early hours every night and not eating the best food but because my gut was so strong through sticking to the course, I had no problems. I sent him a personal message when I got back thanking him for all his help. 2 years later I’m as good as I’ve ever been, i would recommend GC to anyone with digestive issues, can’t say enough how glad I am to have come across them.


Simon Herbert’s Journey

Working with gore bioscience is the most sensible move I’ve made towards my health goals, after suffering with Ulcerative colitis and pursuing a fight career, there’s no room for messing about. I got my individual testing done and now I’m back on track to feeling like I used to. Calum’s there when I need any advice and he explains why, what and when which makes my life less stressful.

lucy-walton client journey

Lucy Walton’s Journey

It may sound dramatic to some, but the team saved my life. I had been facing numerous illnesses for two years with a very serious decline end of 2013, the knowledge held by the team has been invaluable in my diagnosis and recovery. After testing using industry leading methods, we identified the root causes and I’m finally getting well!! I cannot thank them enough for not only taking a personal interest in my health and wellness but for giving me my life back.

Franchesca Shearer Client Journey

Francesca Shearer’s Journey

Working with GC Biosciences has hugely changed my life. I have suffered from Crohn’s Disease for 5 years and have been on constant medication during this time, with little success. I have struggled to reach my training goals despite good training and what I thought at the time was good nutrition. Within a week starting my new diet I began to notice the effects on my body. I have visibility reduced inflammation and lost 5kg. I now sleep through the night and experience improved mood. I am stronger, leaner and have more energy than ever before. Most importantly I have been medication free for 2 months, with no return of previous symptoms. Where doctors failed, the team have achieved something I did not think possible.

Fiona Client Journey

Fiona Dobb’s Journey

I can’t say how pleased I am and that I found the team after 3 years of suffering a range of symptoms misdiagnosed by GP’s and various consultants. I have literally been back and forth on hospital visits to try and establish the cause of my chronic inflammation which has significantly impacted my life to the point that some days I couldn’t even hold a pen due to joint pain. The report was extensive, and it has highlighted issues that never came up with my consultant and a further follow up call from the guys gave me a detailed in-depth explanation of what the results meant and the next steps. A healthy eating plan was put together and advice on all the nutrients and vitamins my body was lacking. Thanks a million for all your help and advice. I can’t recommend you enough.

Why We Care

What makes us different is we care and really understand IBS. Before founding GC Biosciences, one of our founders, Calum Gore, had personal experience of the condition. He suffered with IBS for years and wanted to help people in similar situations.

We only work with the most qualified experts, labs and consultants who are actively interested in helping you and are empathetic to your condition. With GC Biosciences, you can be reassured you’re working with an expert team that will work with you to resolve your IBS.

Get in touch with one of our team today and we’ll get you on the road to recovery. Contact us by using our Callback Form or alternatively, call us on 020 7692 8377 and one of our team of consultants will return your call.

Start removing IBS from your life and get in touch with GC Biosciences’ IBS Clinic today. 


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