Kerry King


“GC Biosciences were recommended to us by a friend who had gone to him for food intolerance blood tests (among other things).  In talking about the benefits he had reaped since, my husband and I decided to see if we, too, were food sensitive and/or intolerant and contacted them for an appointment.  An appointment was soon available and our bloods were drawn in the comfort of our own home by a wonderful nurse who was both efficient and effective and hilariously funny to boot.  The results came back relatively quickly… having been across the globe and back for analysis.  They provided easy to use traffic light style lists of foods that were fine to eat (green), should be eliminated initially before being reintroduced (yellow) and avoided at all costs (red).  We spent at least forty minutes on the phone with Dr Corney (on a Skype call) going over the results and how we could make the elimination phase of the diet work best for us together with the reintroduction and how that should be done one food at a time to get the best results.


They have contacted us regularly during the preceding four or five months to date to establish how we are getting on and if there is anything he can help with.  He has been personable and exceptionally professional throughout and has offered excellent advice.  To summarise, I thought I had an intolerance or two and had been feeling sluggish and bloated (constantly) for a long time.  My energy levels were non-existent and I thought that there had to be more to it.  The change in my health I have benefitted from since giving up the foods I cannot digest has been nothing short of astonishing.  I have lost weight, dropped a dress size (and am still going strong), I can get up early in the mornings and go to the gym (when it had been previously like exhuming the dead to get up at 5.30am) and I am not foggy or feeling like I have a mild headache all the time.  I cannot recommend GC Bioscience’s team and services highly enough.  It’s been a life changer for me.”

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