Obesity Linked to 8 More Cancers


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It was reported that in 2014, six hundred and forty million adults were obese, which is 39% of the worlds population (WHO) and this number is still rising. Obesity can be explained by genetic, physiological, metabolic, behavioral and psychological, although due to recent occurrence of obesity (50 years) it may be less to do with genetics but more to do with the combination of excessive food intake and decreased physical activity. The current environment promotes excessive food intake through increased portion sizes, a diet abundant in sugar, fat and subsequent energy density.

The Science

The ramifications to a person’s health when over consuming and living an underactive lifestyle is rife. Specifically, being overweight (BMI 25-30) and obese (BMI 30>) is associated with significant metabolic changes and subsequent health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, reproductive dysfunction, osteoarthritis,

The World Health Organisations Agency for cancer screened over 1,000 studies and since the previous report on cancers and weight gain, the occurrence of cancer-related to weight gain has increased. Obesity was linked to 8 more cancers which include gastric cardia, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, ovary, and thyroid as well as multiple myeloma and meningiomas.


Professor Colditz at the University of Washington School of Medicine said’ ‘significant numbers of the world’s population are overweight and this is another wake-up call to take our health and diets seriously’.

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