People with Asthma have Less Brain Tumors.


Did you know people with asthma have a higher proportion of activated T immune cells (the root cause of inflammation in the respiratory system). These immune cells were  also found to remove the earliest sign of malignant brain cells, thereby shielding against tumor development. 

The researchers found that when asthma was induction, the T cells began churning out a protein known as decorin. While this molecule wreaks havoc in terms of how it affects airflow and scarring within airways during an attack; its protection impact on brain tumor development were profound- because neural cells called microglia are decreased by these findings which promote their growth while also keeping other types from growing too quickly or becoming malignant.

These findings will pave the way for a new generation of brain tumor therapies that specifically target and block microglia from activating in order to keep cancer at bay. Their work shows two approaches that can be used: decorin or another compound called caffeic acid phenethyl esters, which are both effective protectors against developing gliomas when tested on mice under laboratory conditions.


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