GCB Food Sensitivity Test, Aftercare Consultation and 1 Month Support




“Are you suffering with bloating after foods or throughout the day?”

“Do you struggle to find the foods that are causing your bloating or related stomach problems?”

The home test GCB Food Sensitivity Test identifies all the major foods that maybe causing your symptoms using the most advanced IgG4 laboratory techniques. We then provide your results in an easy to read format with a diet plan and meal plans.

Not only do we provide all the above, but we also have 10 years of experience helping people like yourself out of pain and into good health. Our IBS experts are on hand to provide:

  • Easy to read notes on eating plans on your report
  • Aftercare consultation once we have the results with an IBS expert over phone or video call
  • 1 months expert support to ensure we get your to good health

Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied *

Free shipping to your door and collection*

“I have endured many months of stomach pain, diarrhoea, trouble sleeping but feeling tired and 2 stone weight gain. I was amazed to read that food I thought was healthy and good food, I was actually intolerant to. It has been a massive eye opener and has totally changed my life.  I have now lost 13lbs, feel and look more healthy, and have so much more energy”.

Sharon Unwin

“Testing and giving up trigger foods been nothing short of astonishing.  I have lost weight, dropped a dress size (and am still going strong), I am not foggy headed and full of energy. I cannot recommend GC Bioscience’s team and services highly enough.  It’s been a life changer for me.”

Kerry King