Sauna’s and Heart Disease Risk?

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Sauna’s and Heart Disease Risk, many countries in Europe love a good sauna. It seems enjoying a sauna 4-7 times a week for up to 90 minutes reduces the risk of heart disease. 
The Science 
A recent study from a research group in Finland has suggested that sauna bathing may be associated with an improved cardiovascular function when performed regularly (4-7 times a week). There were 2315 men (42-60 years old) who were monitored at baseline and 20 years after. Interestingly, when sauna bathing in the heat for up to 90 minutes 4-7 times per week,  there were 8.5% of the population that had fatal coronary heart disease compared to 14% who only did sauna bathing only 1 time per week.
Some of the reasons for decreased fatality caused by cardiovascular heart disease when increasing sauna sessions may be an increased heart rate of to 100bpm/min during moderate sauna bathing sessions. The improvements reported are:
• Improved blood pressure and left ventricular function
• Improved endothelial function
• Improve exercise capacity
• Among many others
Do you have time to use a Sauna like this each week though. Maybe research needs to look into the mechanisms behind why this results in a decreased risk and produce a drug that mimics that mechanism.
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