Sharon Unwin

I have endured many months of stomach pain, diarrhoea, trouble sleeping but feeling tired and 2 stone weight gain. I put it down to my menopause, age, and the grief of losing my mum. I decided that my body just did this and that there was nothing I could do to change it.

I made a conscious effort to eat healthily. I teach fitness and made sure my classes were slightly harder to help with my own body issues,  but nothing changed.

I saw my GP who said I may be coeliac and sent me for a blood test, the result was negative. I resigned myself to the fact that these body symptoms were here to stay, until a friend mention Dr Rob Corney at Gc Biosciences Ltd. From that moment on my life changed!!

I was sceptical but I went for the blood test and got my results.

I was amazed to read that food I thought was healthy and good food, I was actually intolerant to. It has been a massive eye opener and has totally changed my life.  I have now lost 13lbs, feel and look more healthy, and have so much more energy. I eat in a more structured way and avoid the foods my body dislikes.

I am so grateful to Dr Rob Corney at Biosciences for the help, support and guidance. This food intolerance test and nutritional guidance has totally transformed my life and I’m in a much better place mentally because of it.

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