Based On Your Answers You Provided, We Recommend A Food Sensitivity

Based on your answers you have given you would benefit from a food sensitivity test. If you’re bloating after eating it is most likely the immune system is not reacting well with certain foods. When it comes to food sensitivities you may have heard of food allergies, sensitivities and intolerances. These terms don’t all mean the same thing, for example food allergies react quickly and are very noticeable, whereby you’ll develop hives and have the potential to go into anaphylactic shock. Food intolerances is the inability to digest food such as lactose intolerance where you lose the ability to digest lactose. Food sensitivities are mediated by a different immune mechanism and are not as severe as food allergies but can be chronic as you’re not aware of the foods that are causing the problems. We test food sensitivities not intolerances or allergies. 

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