Your Microbiome and Weight – The Connection


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Many nutritionists and personal trainers as well as other health care practitioners will argue that a calorie is a calorie and it doesn’t matter where we get them calories from so long as you do exceed what you expend. This is not the case for a number of reason one of them reasons if the microbiome which has shown to main bacteria families in the digestive tract to have a connection to the type of macronutrient that we ingest.

The Video 

This is a simple, short, research led video showing the way to balance the bacteria in your gut to improve weight.

Other Factors

Not only does eating all your calories from one main macronutrient a bad idea in terms of the diversity of your microbiome but it’s not good for your general health. Each macronutrient brings with it something that the body needs, protein brings essential amino acids, fats bring essential fatty acids and carbohydrates bring fibre to help with the diversity of the microbiome.

Diversity? What does this mean for the microbiome? Imagine walking into a garden and just seeing roses that’s not very diverse. Wouldn’t it be more visually pleasing to walk into a garden and see a variety of flowers such as roses, different types of roses, sunflowers, lilies, grass, begonias, pansies and more. That’s what we want in our digestive tract different species and strains of them species in our microbiome. The Firmicutes and Bacteroidetes both have different species and strains of them species belonging to them. To create a diversity you should be eating 30 different pieces of fruit, vegetable and unrefined carbohydrates each week. How many do you eat?


It is now known that being overweight is not always associated with eating too many calories and that the microbiome has an impact on your weight. Creating a diversity in the microbiome needs a variety of foods which will also help you get the essential nutrients needed to maintain a healthy life.

Read more on Firmicutes and Bacteroidetes here and if you want to find out your Firmicutes and Bacteroidetes ratio and hot to balance them contact us today to order your comprehensive digestive analysis test.

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