Comprehensive Blood Testing or PTs and their Clients

Gold Standard Blood Test


60 markers

Determine in a single blood test:

Cardiovascular risk

Metabolic score

Vitamin and mineral requirements

Macronutrient recommendations

Stress and testosterone index

Accurate and Fast Results for your Clients Health and Nutrition Journey 

Testing Made Simple…

We believe in keeping the process as easy and convenient as possible for you whether that means taking your blood sample in the clinic, having a nurse visit your home or using a home test kit so you can do it yourself. See below to see the simple steps to get your test results.

Sample collection

Blood samples are collected by a qualified phlebotomist at our flagship location Harley Street London or throughout our 100 clinics in the UK.

Laboratory Analysis

Utilising some of the most world-renowned laboratories, samples are analysed using the latest advances in laboratory techniques and traditional biochemistry. This presents a high level of specificity and quality assurance to the client.

Expert Panel

An expert panel, compiled of medical doctors, scientists, nutritionists and health consultants, provide the expertise and support needed to interpret the test results. This ensures that the best advice and support is provided to the client.

‘Follow Up’ Consultation

During your follow-up, all of the information provided during the initial consultation, laboratory results and the expert panel’s summary is discussed to ensure that the client completely understands the results and their implications to improving health and wellbeing.

Further Support

Support is an essential part of the packages offered. After all consultations and testing has taken place support on your diet, nutritional recommendations, progress and medical questions can be requested via email, or phone. Further consultations can also be arranged.

Get In Touch

If you would like more information or to speak to a health consultant please contact us either via email or call us on 020 7692 8377



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