The Healthy Heart Program

The proven 12-week program for men aged over 35
to reduce Heart Disease risk by 44%

Two-thirds of all men by the time they reach 40 have thicker, harder arteries around their hearts.

Living with Coronary Artery Disease
in UK
0 m
UK males die each year from
Coronary Artery Disease
20000 +
of Heart disease factors can
be hereditary
40 %

Improving your lifestyle can decrease your risk of cardiovascular disease by

10 %

Over 190 people are diagnosed each day in the UK
with Coronary Artery Disease…

…Don’t be one of them!

Our Healthy Heart Program for men over 35 will help you…

Reduce CAD risk
by 44%

Potentially reverse heart plaque by 24%

Lose up to 3 stone
in weight

Reduce harmful cholesterol

Optimise your blood pressure 

Increase testosterone
by up to 50%


What Our Patients Say

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